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The Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME The Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME
Cells in our body maintain its function with constant millions of chemical reactions.  The key worker of these reactions is enzymes.  The existence of enzyme make cells possible to function right to keep healthy body.  However, due to aging and unbalanced diet, a internal enzyme production ability decline.  Therefore it is important to intake food which contains enzyme such as uncooked food or fermented food.
However, enzymes, polymer compound take time to be absorbed and also it is decomposed by heat and acid.  JBSL succeeded to overcome these weak points by original fermentation method.  This method makes enzymes(protein) to amino-acid and peptide which are easy to be absorbed.
The Fermented Vegetable Extract "BIOZYME" richly contains these amino-acid, peptide and other useful compounds.

How to produce BYOZYME
The Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME is born from co-culture of JBSL's original bacillus (Bacillus sp.  BIOZYME), lactic acid bacteria and yeast which are useful microbes for mankind's health.
Bacillus sp.  BIOZYME is one of the species of Bacillus subtilis natto and it highly produces the useful components.  We discovered this bacteria after the long years of study.
In addition to Bacillus sp.  BIOZYME, we co-culture microbes which are essential for Japanese traditional fermented foods by our original fermentation technology.
This method made possible to create the fermented extract which contains rich useful components.
As media, we use only strictly selected ingredients of 100% vegetable and microbes derived ingredients such as vegetable extract, rice malt, vegetable minerals, seaweed, yeast extract and etc.
After above bacteria produced useful components in the controlled environment during 2 to 3 month culture, it is matured for 3 to 4 month at low temperature so that is peptized and become well absorbed.
The extract which takes six month of long time for culture to maturation - The BIOZYME is our best product.

Product Specification
The Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME
The Fermented Vegetable Extract  BIOZYME(Concentrated)
Paste product which concentrated BIOZYME with evaporation in vacua. 
Property Dark brown color paste with particular smell
Principal use Beverage, paste food, animal food additive and etc.
The Fermented Vegetable Extract BIOZYME-MC
The Fermented Vegetable Extract  BIOZYME-MC Powder
Dried and micro-coated BIOZYME.  It is best to proceed for tablets and more.
Property Dark brown to light brown color powder with particular smell
Principal use Tablet, capsule, granule product and etc.
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