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"Sesame Minerals" from Pure Vegetable
Patent obtained in 5 countries
Sesame has been cultivated and eaten as a nutrious food in all around the world from the ancient times.  However plants including sesame contains absorption inhibitors (e.g., phytic acid and oxalic acid).  It's inhibit the absorption of minerals into the body.
JBSL focused attention on seed coat of sesame which contains rich minerals especially calcium.  "Sesame Minerals" is pure balanced 100% sesame mineral which we succeeded removing absorption inhibitor by our original method.
Patent obtained in Japan, U.S., China, Korea, Taiwan

How to make Sesame Minerals
It is generally said that calcium in milk is absorbed into human body at a ratio of about 60 percent, small fish 40 percent and vegetable 20 percent.  Calcium in vegetable are absorbed at low ratio because absorption inhibiting substances (oxalic acid) contained in plants.  Especially, sesame contains a high percentage of phytic acid.
It is said that this substance inhibit an absorption of minerals in the body because this substance has relatively tight units with calcium, magnesium and zinc.
Many reports show that when you intake large amount of phytic acid together with minerals, it absorbs the minerals and discharge them out of body so the body loses mineral balance.  "Sesame minerals" is easy to be absorbed as it is achieved to removed all the absorption inhibitors (oxalic acid and phytic acid) by our patented method.

Transformation of calcium density in blood after the intestinal administration in rat
We administered 2% by weight of calcium in water to rats in intestine and measured the transformation of calcium density in blood.
With this study Sesame Minerals indicate about twice as high absorption rate than that of comparison.

Product Specification
Sesame Mineral C
Sesame Mineral C
Extracted with brewed vinegar and substituted to citric acid.  Dried powder.
Contains naturally balanced sesame mineral.  It is best to proceed for tablet and etc.
Property White color powder · Insoluble
Calcium Content More than 17 percent
Principal use Tablet, bread, confectionery, health food and other processed food
Sesame Mineral L
Sesame Mineral L
Extracted with fermented L-lactic acid.  Spray dried powder.
Contains naturally balanced sesame mineral.  It is best to proceed for beverage and etc.
Property White to light-yellow color powder · Soluble
Calcium Content More than 15 percent
Principal use Sports drink, health drink and etc
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