Business Overview

We have been researching, developing and manufacturing functional health foods with our vision, "Harmony of Human Beings and Mother Nature" which has never changed ever since the foundation of this company.

We develop and sell our original products that only we can produce to help you live healthy, rich and comfortably everyday life with the power of blessings of nature and the cutting-edge science.

We develop and sell a wide range of products with the cutting-edge science and our original culture and fermentation technology.

  • Research, development, manufacture & sales of functional materials
  • Manufacture & sales of functional foods
  • Manufacture & sales of functional dog foods

Moreover… we will introduce you to our endeavour in the new business division.

Higher-grade Dog Salon & Hotel “LuLuDog”
~We support the life with your important partner~

We strive to create services and products that are much loved by every one of you and to help you be happy and delighted by living together with your pet(s).

We aim to make the coexistence between humans and animals even better and create a happy life style with your important partner.

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