Efficiently Absorbable Vegetable Minerals


Although sesame has been considered a food which contains abundant nutrients since the ancient times, most of the minerals are discharged without being absorbed in one’s body due to two absorption-inhibiting substances, oxalic acid and phytic acid, present in sesame. We focused on sesame and its seed coat which are rich in minerals such as calcium.

Sesame Minerals is efficiently absorbable vegetable minerals from which we have succeeded, with our original method, in removing only the absorption-inhibiting substances without losing the minerals which sesame originally contain.

How Sesame Minerals Is Produced

We have set up strict check systems at all the steps of the processes from the preparation of the ingredients to baking, to extracting, to productisation and we conduct the strict quality inspections.

By and large, the effectivity of calcium absorption is said to be quite low (approximately 40%, 33% and 19% of calcium in milk, small fish and vegetables, respectively, are absorbed). This inefficiency of the mineral absorption is caused by the two absorption-inhibiting substances, oxalic acid and phytic acid, contained in plants.

In particular, sesame contains a huge amount of phytic acid which is a mineral absorption inhibiting substance.

Nevertheless, we have succeeded in burning the mineral absorption inhibiting substances at a high temperature and removing them from sesame with our original manufacturing process.


Sesame and Its Seed Coat
Sesame and Its Seed Coat

Minerals Accumulated in Sesame

Sesame absorbs bits and pieces of minerals present in ground and underwater and eventually large quantities of minerals are accumulated inside sesame.
Most of the minerals absorbed in sesame combine with oxalic acid and phytic acid and turn to oxalic acid Ca and phytic acid Mg to be accumulated.

Sesame accumulates rich quantities of minerals such as oxalic acid Ca and phytic acid Mg/Sesame absorbs minerals present in soil through its roots


Incinerated Material
Incinerated Material

Remove Absorption Inhibiting Substances, Oxalic Acid and Phytic Acid

We remove absorption inhibiting substances such as oxalic acid and phytic acid by burning sesame and its seed coat at a high temperature to incinerate them.


Extract with Organic Acid Spray-dry the extract *Lactic acid

Extract Minerals with Organic Acid

We extract minerals using fermented lactic acid (lactic acid).


Citric Acid Lactic Acid

Completion of Pure Vegetable Sesame Minerals

Sesame Minerals is a powder form product with abundant quantities of efficiently absorbable minerals such as lactic acid Ca.


・Comparison in absorption of calcium into blood <blood calcium concentration in rats>

We studied how Sesame Minerals helps the blood calcium concentration in rats change through intestinal administration of either an aqueous solution with Ca 2 weight % of Sesame Minerals or an aqueous suspension. Sesame Minerals showed twice as efficient the absorption into blood as other samples.

Blood Calcium Concentration
Blood Calcium Concentration

・Effect on Bone Density <Study on Bone Density of Ovariectomy Rats>

We fed ovariectomy rats low calcium food for one month to cause osteopenia in the rats, followed by another one month feeding of each food to compare the bone density of the ovariectomy rats with that of the control group.

The result showed that the bone density of the ovariectomy rats was lower than that of the control group. However, the SCa group showed a more increase in the bone density than did the LowCa group and the StCa group. It also showed a close value to the control group compared to the StCa group.

Bone Density of Ovariectomy rats after 2 month of rearing
Bone Density of Ovariectomy rats after 2 month of rearing

Specifications of Sesame Minerals

Sesame Minerals Lactic Acid PowderVegetable minerals extracted from sesame seed coats.
Water-soluble white/light yellow powder product.Water-insoluble white powder

Water-soluble white/light yellow powder
Ca content; 15.0+%
Application & Blending Examples

Primary Application

Sesame Minerals can be applied to a wide range of products.

They can be applied to health foods, processed foods such as confectionery and noodles, restaurant menus and home cooking.

  • Tablet/Capsule
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Noodles
  • Drink
  • Powder Drink
  • Jelly
  • Confectionery